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At Solana Beach Family Optometry, we want you to trust not only your vision but that of your children to us. We constantly stress the importance of routine vision exams for kids beginning as early as 3 years old. Keep in mind that your children don’t have a frame of reference for how their eyes should work or see. They don’t know what they are missing until glasses are prescribed or vision therapy exercises are recommended. Although it is not yet mandated, a thorough eye exam prior to entering kindergarten can help reassure parents that their child will be able to handle the visual demands of school. Some studies have shown as many as 17% of our children have uncorrected vision deficiencies. It may be difficult to distinguish between a learning disability and a visual deficiency without a complete eye exam. We will evaluate distance and near vision, eye teaming and tracking ability, depth perception and color vision, as well as ocular health. We also value the importance of making a child’s eye exam fun, educational, and a relaxing experience.


There’s nothing you need to do prior to your child’s eye exam. Just reassure them that nobody will be “touching” their eyes and they just need to help Dr. Peterson by answering some questions. They will get the chance to look at 3D images, wear some fun glasses, and show us how well they can see. We have over 100 frames for boys, girls and teens to choose from, including Bolle sunglasses. We strive to provide style and affordability. All of our frames have a year warranty for breakage and we offer some with unique 180 degree flex temples. Some of our frames include: New Balance, Umbro, Levi’s, Spiderman, Nickelodeon, Wildflower, iCarly, Moxie Girlz, and coming soon: Guess.

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